Memorial building

Construction of the Roll of Honour memorial began on 3rd March 2012. This time the memorial was built off site and put in place next to the existing structure on the airfield.

A big thank you to Buildbase, Harlow, for donating building materials, Tim Mascall for building the shuttering free of charge and Simon Milner for moving the plinth to the airfield.

Below are a few photos of the HAMG’s John Smith, Steve Foster, Mick Dent and Denis Sharp working on the memorial building.  

On Saturday 14th April, the footings for the new memorial were laid next to the existing memorial on the airfield.

Thursday 23rd May : The plinth was moved from John’s yard to the airfield and lowered in to position.

Saturday 2nd June: The plaque recess is now free of the MDF moulding and paving slabs laid around the memorial.