In memorium

This page is dedicated to the memory of those connected with the RAF Hunsdon and RAF Sawbridgeworth memorials

Dave Mead

We were very sad to lose one of our members, Dave Mead, on 24th September 2023 aged 81.

Dave joined the HAMG in 2006 for the building of the RAF Sawbridgeworth memorial and was organizer of the town’s Nostalgia Day every Saturday of Remembrance weekend.

A tribute to Dave was published on Sawbridgeworth Local History Society’s website which can be seen HERE


John Knight

John was a member of the HAMG from the beginning. He was always keen to have a memorial built at RAF Sawbridgeworth which was very near his home in Allens Green, where he used to watch the activities from the airfield as a boy.

John died in August 2012.

Fred Sewell

Our good friend Fred died on 18th September 2018. For many years he was chairman of Nazeing RAFA, and was always supportive of the group’s efforts, attending many memorial services and helping to raise money for the memorials.

 Roy Howe

Roy Howe, a great friend and supporter of the HAMG, died on 10th December 2015. Roy served in the Second World War as an airframe fitter with 38 Group RAF on Stirling and Halifax aircraft and was a standard bearer for the Nazeing RAFA. He proudly attended all the group’s memorial events until illness prevented him from doing so.

Trevor Edwards

Trevor Edwards died on the 23rd June 2015 aged 74. Trevor had laid a wreath on the Hunsdon airfield memorial since 2006 on behalf of the Lodge Of The Legion, and through his many masonic contacts helped us to raise the necessary funding towards the Hunsdon Roll of Honour memorial dedicated in June 2012. Trevor assisted in the unveiling of the Roll of Honour memorial, and was a member of the Hunsdon Microlight Club.

 Bunty Anderson

Bunty Anderson passed away on 20th December 2009 at the age of 93.

Bunty drove and worked the YWCA canteen van at RAF Hunsdon throughout the war and took part in the memorial dedication in 2005.

Fred Hitching

Fred Hitching, the co-author of  ‘The Royal Air Force at Hunsdon 1941-1945’, died on 30th October 2011. Along with his wife Vera, he wrote the highly informative and interesting book of the history of RAF Hunsdon published in 1990.

Fred took part in the Hunsdon memorial dedication in 2005.

Tom Bennett

 Squadron Leader Tom Bennett passed away in February 2013 at the age of 93. Tom gave a talk on life in Bomber Command on the second of our fundraising evenings at Hunsdon Village Hall in April 2005.

To read Tom’s obituary click HERE

MRD Foot

Prof. MRD Foot died on February 18th 2012 aged 93. He gave a talk at a fundraising evening at Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall on March 11th 2006

Prof. Foot’s obituary can be read HERE

Ivor Harris

Sqn Ldr Ivor Harris passed away in 2011 at the age of 90. Ivor led the Act of Remembrance at the RAF Sawbridgeworth memorial service in May 2006.

Maxwell Sparks

 Max died on 13th June 2013 at the age of 92. He was the last surviving pilot who flew on the Amiens Prison raid, Click HERE to see Max being interviewed by Martin Shaw for the BBC documentary ‘Operation Jericho’.

Eric Atkins

Flt Lt Eric Atkins DFC* KW* passed away on 22nd November 2011 at the age of 90. Serving at Hunsdon with 464 (RAAF) Sqn in 1944, Eric was the founder and chairman of the Mosquito Aircrew Association. He led the Act of Remembrance at the unveiling and dedication of the Hunsdon memorial in 2005.

To read his obituary click HERE

Revd. Alan Stephens

Revd. Stephens passed away on the 26th May 2015 at the age of 90. He was based at RAF Hunsdon with 29 Squadron’s photographic unit in 1944.

He gave the introduction at the memorial service at Hunsdon in May 2005.

Branse Burbridge

Wg Cmdr Branse Burbridge (1921-2016)

Wing Commander Branse Burbridge DSO* DFC*, the RAF’s top scoring night fighter pilot of WW2, died on 9th November 2016. We had the honour of him taking part in the dedication service of the RAF Hunsdon memorial in 2005.

Doug Reich

Flt/Lt Doug Reich sadly died on 5th April 2021, at the age of 98.

Doug took part in the RAF Sawbridgeworth memorial day service in 2006 and returned for a talk night in the Memorial Hall in Sawbridgeworth on 26th June 2010. He enthralled and entertained the audience with stories of his time as a trainee and operational pilot flying from Sawbridgeworth and other airfields, up until he became a prisoner of war in Nazi-occupied France. Doug’s exploits are documented on the 2 Squadron Association website. Click HERE to read his story.